Church of St Anne | Vilnius, Lithuania

The days in Berlin are shorter and colder now and I cannot help but think about the coming winter. I remind myself that this time of the year is perfect, just to experience the northern capitals of Europe, where winter is more than just the colour grey on the streets. This particular photo was taken during a white winter at dusk in Vilnius. When temperatures were falling up to -27 degrees, you could even hear the frozen waters of Vilnia River cracking in the distance.

He wished he could carry it back home 

The Church of St Anne is famous for its representation of a flamboyant and brick gothic architectural style in Lithuania. What was fascinating was that the exterior of the church had remained almost unchanged since the 15th Century, when it was erected. Thanks to St Anne Church, the old town of Vilnius can potentially be signed to the UNESCO World Heritage list.

A famous legend tells of a young Napoleon who saw St Anne Church in Vilnius and said that he wished he could carry it back home with him to Paris, but just in the palms of his hands. Isn’t that a beautiful metaphor? In modern times though, all I can say is that I am glad that I can carry home this memory of the Church of St Anne.

Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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