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Öresund bridge is connecting the capital of Denmark Copenhagen and Malmö – the Swedish city. Øresund is the longest combined rail and road bridge of Europe.

The connection between the  Scandinavian Peninsula with Western Europe

This photo of the Öresund Bridge was made a few years ago in summer. We decided to visit Denmark for a few days and have a short trip to Malmö from there. Meanwhile, If you look closely on the right part of the horizon, you notice a distant skyline of a city. That’s Copenhagen where we were staying. It was a thought-provoking experience to take the train from one country to another and within a short time cross the Baltic SeaT

The idea of a bridge between Denmark and Sweden was born in 1936. However, because of the war, further historical development and crisis which both countries experienced in 80’s the project was revoked only in 1995 when the work on Öresund Bridge (and finished in 2000).

To sum up, today the bridge connects the Scandinavian Peninsula with Western Europe and from interesting facts: is a backbone of the internet data transmission between central Europe and Sweden. So it better won’t collapse!

Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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