Born and raised in Berlin, I have always been a lover of big cities. To this day, I am fascinated by the synergy of historical buildings and modern architecture, which dominates the cityscapes of many metropolises. But even though Berlin is amazing, it drives me more and more into the world. A year in Prague during my studies made me a European citizen and re-ignited my passion for travel. Now hardly a month goes by when I do not leave Berlin at least for a long weekend.

Meanwhile, it’s no longer exclusively cities that draw me into their spell. The earth has so much to offer and beautiful landscapes – mountains, fields or the sea – welcome me more and more. And all this, what I experience in my travels, I try to convey through my photographs. Each photo is for me much more than just the pure display of a subject. I always strive to give the artworks an expression that reflects my feelings at the time of recording. Be it the sounds around me, my feeling of the temperature or a scent rising in my nose – all that ultimately affects the final image.

Nico Trinkhaus Sumfinity
The lightning strikes the TV Television Tower on Alexanderplatz while the Berlin Skyline is pink enlightened.

My goal is always to create the best possible and most exciting photos to do justice to the places where they’ve been taken. The right equipment, be it camera, lens or software, the right printing company and perseverance are necessary to achieve a quality that meets my needs. Very important are also the right light and therefore the right time. Many of my photos are the result of a long planning process. Without it, such results would not be possible.

Already as a teenager, around the turn of the millennium, I started with digital image processing. This facilitated my entry into photography, yet still I see my training far from complete. It’s probably a particularity of us Berliners: Never to be satisfied with what you’ve achieved. But this drive keeps me going to continuously learn and to keep up with the use of the latest technology to ensure the best possible quality of my images. In addition, digital image processing gives me a much wider artistic leeway. I am not just dependent on how a machine / my camera sees the world, but I have the possibility to create an image that is closer to what the human eye is capable of seeing.

Sunset over Prag

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