About Nico Trinkhaus

Congenital aphantasia, in other words, “mind-blindness” is a rare phenomenon that results in an inability to see objects, shapes and colours with own imagination. Nico Trinkhaus was born with this inability to “see” his memories and visualisation. It is why photography became the only way to recall vivid pictures of places he saw and the emotions they evoked.

Nico was born in 1988 in Berlin, Germany. Since his early years, he has been drawn to photography and computer graphic. His mind convinced him to start International Business Studies, the heart, however, pushed him to the decision to become a professional photographer after his studies.

After capturing the “Thunderstorm at Alexanderplatz” photo in 2013, Nico’s career got another spin. The photo was nominated for the Sony World Photography Awards and the popularity of his art increased rapidly. Since then Nico Trinkhaus won several photography awards and is recognized in the travel-photography community.

Thunderstorm in Berlin at Alexanderplatz

The main themes of Nico’s work are the cities and landscapes of European countries. Nico Trinkhaus believes in unity through a European Union’s diversity and tries to represent each country’s uniqueness through his photos and posts on his blog sumfinity.com.

The main goal of Nico’s photography, however, is to trigger pleasure by evoking memories of the times one had when visiting the place. Or when simply imagining the place where the photo was taken. Something which is inaccessible to him in his imagination.

You can stay in touch with Nico via Instagram and Facebook.

“My goal is always to create the best possible and most exciting photos to do justice to the places where they’ve been taken. The right equipment, be it camera, lens or software, the right printing company and perseverance are necessary to achieve a quality that meets my needs. Very important are also the right light and therefore the right time. Many of my photos are the result of a long planning process. Without it, such results would not be possible.”

About Sumfinity’s Blog

Travelling brings visual memories, but not only that. Discovering new places or familiar ones anew means learning about the people, stories, and legends associated with a location. Travelling is discovering different customs, values and colours of everyday life.

So, on Sumfinity’s blog, you will find dear readers a holistic view of Nico and Daria’s travels. Nico’s photos and Daria’s discoveries. We hope that some posts will provoke your thoughts. Some may serve as an inspiration to travel or to further read about a particular place.

The posts on this blog are a mix of behind-the-scenes of Nico’s photography, the history of a particular place and interesting facts about it. Those memories that would be worth exclaiming “and you know what?” over dinner with friends. On this blog, you are the friend with whom we share the memories that are most precious to us.

About Daria Trinkhaus

Daria Trinkhaus has many faces. For example, Daria has a master’s degree in Literature and Linguistics because she loves writing, good literature and art. On the other hand, she is an entrepreneur and lives a life with business strategy in mind (she also holds a diploma from Executive Master of Business Administration).

What has brought her and Nico together is a love of travel. While Nico looks at a place, country and culture through his lens, Daria collects all the other knowledge. She observes people and their customs and learns about the history of the places they visit. While Nico gathers visual memories, Daria explores different aspects of travel and tries to put them into words on Sumfinty’s blog.