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If you connect Switzerland with the Alpine scenery and the typical cold weather – this is the right connection, but it is not everywhere. There is a place named Lugano in Switzerland that is an Italian speaking Ticino region, where palm trees and a lot of flowers grows. The sun shines often, though, your experience there will include a lot more – a view of the Alps and enjoying a lot of Swiss chocolate.

The turquoise water

Lugano lays along the Lugano lake and is surrounded by the Alps. We visited this place on our way from Milan to Liechtenstein. I have been told that Lugano is a town predominantly known for shopping. I also saw many photos of the lake, from which it appeared as if the mountains were “growing”. The turquoise water of the Lugano Lake surrounded the green hills and was definitely a photograph I just had to capture.

After visiting Geneva and Zurich, I can actually say with confidence that Lugano is one of the most important and economical cities in Southern Switzerland. The borders of the city are disparate though; some of the suburbs are incorporated, while others became more independent. The city centre has the perfect location, facing the lake and the pre-alps. It was such a pleasure to walk along the shore of the Lugano lake and enjoy the summer sun there.

Picture of Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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