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Lagos (in winter) in Algarve - Christmas in Portugal

Lagos – Algarve for Christmas | Portugal

Lagos, Algarve for Christmas | Portugal Algarve, Portugal Is the Algarve in Portugal only beautiful in the summer? Well, no – in winter you should also visit southern Portuguese towns like Lagos, Ferragudo, Albufeira, etc. They have a completely different charm...
Albufeira in Algarve - panorama of the beach at sunset; Portugal

Albufeira Algarve | Portugal

Albufeira Algarve | Portugal Algarve, Portugal When you know a bit about the Algarve and think of Albufeira, the connotation “tourism” automatically comes to mind. Yes, Albufeira is an extremely lively tourist destination. But in the winter, you can enjoy...
Panorama of Ferragudo near Portimão in the Algarve; Portugal

Panorama of Ferragudo in Algarve | Portugal

Panorama of Ferragudo in Algarve | Portugal Algarve, Portugal Ferragudo is located on the Arade River, which flows into the Atlantic Ocean near the city of Portimão. Historically, the place relied mainly on fishing. And although today tourism plays a big role for this...