Café in the Government District | Berlin, Germany

Today, I would like to show you a picture which only existed in my mind for a while, before I finally got around to capture this colourful coffee-shop in the middle of Berlin’s government quarter. First, I thought the rain and the dull weather would ruin my plans, but as it turns out they have added a very special touch to the image. The wet tarmac in contrast to the dry ground underneath the roof results in a perfectly balanced scene between warmth and cold.

From the mind to the camera 

The government quarter in Berlin is not only home to the most important institutions of Germany, like the Bundestag and the Federal Government, but also houses a number of different architectural masterpieces. Besides the well-known Reichstag-building with its monumental glass-dome and the traditional Bellevue Palace you also find various futuristic buildings, which fit nicely into the cityscape. Just like the soft and gentle curves of the coffee-shop, which are the perfect contrast to the sharp edges of the concrete which creates a perfectly balanced and harmonious image.

Nico Trinkhaus

Nico Trinkhaus

Nico Trinkhaus is the mind-blind photographer, using cameras to create visions and memories that otherwise would be lost to him.

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Nico Trinkhaus Portrait

Nico Trinkhaus