Train tracks and Friedrichstrasse station | Berlin, Germany

Photo of Berlin train tracks before Friedrichstrasse station; Germany

​Though many Berliners would deny and argue with that statement, Berlin has really good subway and train connections. Despite the capital of Germany being so vast, you can get almost everywhere in a reasonable amount of time.

This photo was made just before Friedrichstrasse station – one of the main junctions of trains and subways in Berlin. We’ve been there so many times, catching trains, changing “U-Bahn” to “S-Bahn”. Almost always being in rush as hundreds of other people passing through the station.

But one day when we were still on the train coming from Warsaw to Berlin, we’ve noticed that the route is quite… pretty (with a hint of very Berlin-style). The last wagon of ICC train had a window, so Nico rushed to it and before the train was in full speed again, he managed to shoot this photo.

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