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A thorough tour of downtown Munich is at least a day trip. Around the main square called “Marienplatz” are the most interesting sights of the Bavarian capital. And in winter… if you haven’t yet been to a German fair, the Weinachtsmarkt in Munich is worth testing out as one of the first.

The centre of Munich

Marienplatz has been the centre of Munich since as early as 1158. At that time, the square was called the “grain market” – Schrannenplatz. We can all guess its function. Only when the grain market was moved to the area around “Blumenstrasse” was the name of this square changed to what it is now. If you look closely, you will notice a large column in the middle of the square in the picture, right in front of the “New Town Hall”. It is crowned with a statue of the Virgin Mary – the patron saint of Bavaria. It is from her name that the square got its new name.


To plan a lot of time exploring the centre of Munich, was not a joke. In addition to the sights clustered around Marienplatz, the place is home to a variety of restaurants. And if you’re not yet familiar with Bavarian cuisine and brewing yet, you might even want to plan more than one afternoon to explore them.

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Lisandra Correia

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