Cathedral Island and Tumski Bridge at Night | Wrocław, Poland

Cathedral Island and Tumski Bridge in Wrocław, Poland
During Christmas time, the ornaments at Tumski Bridge provided the perfect contrast to the lights on the Cathedral Island

Cathedral Island, located in the middle of Wrocław, Poland, is a scenic enclave of historical significance. This revered area holds a strong emotional connection for me as it was one of my earliest photographic subjects.

I have had numerous excursions to Wrocław years ago, when my interest in photography began, spurred by my partner Daria’s studies in the city. The Cathedral Island, surrounded by cobblestone pathways and medieval structures, mesmerized me as a reminder of the city’s rich history  The practice of a lamplighter lighting the gas street lamps each evening added an aura of enchantment to the scene. It was the only place where I ever saw this happening and I was set out to capture the charm with my Canon camera back then.

Wrocław: Again and again

However, I encountered frustration in my initial attempts to picture the Cathedral Island, nestled amidst Wrocław’s skyline. The towers of the cathedral had poor lighting, concealing their beautiful features in the shadows cast by inadequate lighting and harsh shadows. Despite my best efforts, I failed to capture the amazing magnificence that surrounded me in the photographs.

Undeterred by the initial setbacks, I resolved to return to Cathedral Island years later, armed with new knowledge and equipment. Holding my Nikon camera, I embarked on a quest to capture the soul of this medieval enclave once more. Although I successfully photographed the charm of Tumski Bridge, a beloved landmark adorned with lovers’ padlocks, I still faced tough challenges in lighting and composition.

Capturing Cathedral Island: Finding Harmony Amidst Light and Shadow

During my most recent visit, thirteen years after my first foray into photography, everything came together seamlessly. Upon arriving in December, I encountered the sight of Tumski Bridge lit up with sparkling Christmas lights. It cast a warm glow against the backdrop of Cathedral Island. Amidst the contrast of chilly LED lights and the island’s ambient warmth, I discovered the balance I had always sought.

This time, armed with my trusty Sony camera, I set out on a photography expedition that exceeded all previous endeavors. As I examined them, each shot brought to life my artistic vision.

Reflecting on my experiences on Cathedral Island, I am curious to see what the future will hold. In seven years, I wonder what new adventures and difficulties await me, as well as how my artistic expression will progress. No matter my route, I’m sure that coming back to the Cathedral Island will always inspire my art.

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Nico Trinkhaus

Nico Trinkhaus

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