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Is the Algarve in Portugal only beautiful in the summer? Well, no – in winter you should also visit southern Portuguese towns like Lagos, Ferragudo, Albufeira, etc. They have a completely different charm than during the summertime.


First of all, if you miss the sun in winter, Algarve is the perfect solution. Second, Portuguese towns are decorated for the upcoming holidays and look phenomenal during this time. Third, there are few tourists here at this time of year, which means it’s easier to get a table at a restaurant, rent a vacation home and wander the almost deserted sandy beaches.


Lagos in the western Algarve, is a town without a doubt worth seeing. And not only because of the golden beaches and unusual rock formations but also because of the historic city centre. The old town is surrounded by a 17-century Moorish fortification wall. Within its perimeter are the main monuments of Lagos. Such as the church Igreja de Santo António seen in this picture.

Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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