Zachód słońca z zamku Eptapyrgio | Saloniki, Grecja

My intention was to catch the sunset over Rotunda in Thessaloniki but it was already late when we arrived there. I tried to find a suitable place for the composition in my mind, sadly, without success. Then I realized that capturing both the setting sun and the Rotunda in Thessaloniki is a mission possible only from the blocks of flats around us. Since we didn’t know anyone, ready to offer their balcony for a photo shooting, we started thinking of plan B.

At that moment, we noticed the Eptapyrgio Castle in the distance. With the sun setting fast, we ran desperately up the steep stairs of the hill, loaded with my heavy equipment. Luckily, we arrived there at the right moment when the sun was quietly sinking behind the horizon.

Eptapyrgio Castle and Rotunda in Thessaloniki

Dating back to the Antiquity, Eptapyrgio or “Fortress of Seven Towers” is a construction from the Byzantine and Ottoman eras with actually ten towers. As for the Rotunda, also known as Agios Georgios, it’s worth noting that this is the oldest monument in Thessaloniki, Greece, built by the Roman emperor Galerius in the 4th century.

Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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