Newport Lighthouse – Rhode Island | United States

Newport Lighthouse (Castle Hill Light) on Narragansett Bay - Rhodes Islands; United States
Newport Lighthouse (Castle Hill Light) on Narragansett Bay - Rhodes Islands; United States

Castle Hill Light is a lighthouse that has become a symbol of Newport and is one of the most visited landmarks at Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island in the United States. It is said to be a frequent spot where marriage proposals are made. And, of course, later wedding photo shoots take place.


Castle Hill Light has operated as a lighthouse since 1890 until today. This lighthouse at the end of the historic “Ocean Drive” district. It lies just off the passage between the islands of Conanicut and Aquidneck. In 1988, this lighthouse in Newport was added to the National Register of Historic Places in the United States. However, since the Castle Hill Lighthouse is still operating, it is impossible to visit the interior.


We visited the Newport Lighthouse in late spring 2022, and as we found out later, we were lucky with time to photograph it. By 2020, the rust stains on the white walls of Castle Hill Light had become so visible that the lighthouse was crying out for restoration. The Castle Hill Inn, which owns the site, agreed with the National Coast Guard (which owns the lighthouse), committing both parties to the restoration. By early summer 2021, Castle Hill Light in Rhode Island was already looking like new. So if we had visited Newport as planned in May 2021 (pandemic restrictions hindered us), this photo would have looked very different.

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