Times Square in New York City (Manhattan) | USA

Times Square in New York City (Manhattan); USA
Times Square in New York City (Manhattan); USA

Times Square in Manhattan is known as “the crossroads of the world,” or modestly as “the centre of the universe.” Sometimes it is more poetically referred to as “the heart of the Great White Way.” And who isn’t familiar with shots of this corner of Manhattan during the annual New Year’s celebrations?


These terms for Times Square didn’t come out of nowhere. Walking through it on foot makes you feel as if the world is vibrating with powerful energy. The cacophony of sounds of cars, pedestrians, roadside musicians, and nearby demonstrations can make your head spin. The energy of the place excites but also intimidates a bit. You can feel it in the air and even in your body.


New York Times Square is one of the most crowded streets in the world – on average, 330,000 people pass through it every day. More than 50 million tourists visit this corner of Manhattan annually. Times Square is also historically significant for transportation as we know it today. Broadway and 42nd Street intersect at this square, the first road in the United States designed for motorized vehicles.


Originally Times Square was called Longacre Square, but it was renamed when The New York Times magazine moved its headquarters to the Times Building on this square in 1904.


Taking this photograph was no simple matter for Nico. Standing still with a camera when masses of people are heading in one direction is a challenge. Besides, the skyscrapers at Times Square are difficult to capture in a single photograph. Not to mention that the billboards hung absolutely everywhere emitting light that makes the photo appear hazy. Nico’s persistence and technical skills, however, were up to the task. How do you like this photo of New York Times Square?

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