Mt. Washington Auto Road | New Hampshire

Mt. Washington Auto Road, with big American flag, and with motor bikers at the Glen View Café
The magnificent Mt. Washington captured from Glen View Café - a sight of American freedom.

It was my first trip to the US and there I was, standing under an enormous American flag, looking at the breathtaking Mt. Washington. An exciting adventure I embarked upon, had led me to this awe-inspiring view at the base of the Mt. Washington Auto Road, from the Glen View Café.

The Journey Begins

Our first visit to the States began in the bustling streets of Manhattan, New York. From there, we moved to Boston, where Daria had a week of studies at MIT. It was during this time, while she was at her classes, that I decided to embark on a 48-hour road trip across the states of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont.

A Taste of American Freedom

The thrill of navigating through the expansive American landscapes in a big SUV, something quite different from our European norms, was beyond compare. As I drove along the open roads, encircled by the verdant wilderness, the quintessence of American Freedom filled my senses.

My journey was set towards Bretton Woods resort, a place I’d fallen in love with from pictures. On my way, I found myself in New Hampshire, passing by a serene lake where I met some friendly scouts.

The Glen View Surprise

After a recommendation for the most scenic route from the scouts, I found myself driving along NH-16, reaching a highway stop designed to offer a splendid view of the Presidential Ridge. Alas, the day was cloudy, and the mountaintops lay hidden behind a veil of grey.

Disappointed, I decided to take a bathroom break at the Glen View Café. As I emerged, the sun broke through the clouds, revealing the glorious Mt. Washington in full splendor. But the magic didn’t stop there. As I admired the view, a group of bikers roared into the scene, adding a raw energy that perfectly matched the majestic backdrop.

Capturing a Memory

In that moment, as I stood under the grand American flag with Mt. Washington in the backdrop and the bikers ready to hit the road, I realized I was witnessing something extraordinarily symbolic. It was the essence of my entire road trip captured in a single frame – a testament to the sense of freedom, adventure, and camaraderie that had permeated my journey.

Mt. Washington Auto Road

By the way, you can also drive up the Mt. Washington Auto Road. Due to my time constraints I decided against it, but here you can find a lot of valuable information for the trip.

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