Custom House Clock Tower | Boston, Massachusetts

Custom House with Clock Tower in the Boston Skyline at Night
Custom House with Clock Tower in the Boston Skyline at Night

The Custom House in Boston was built by the United States Federal Government as early as 1849. In 1915, they added the clock tower to the neo-classical building. And although the Boston Custom House was moved to a different location, the Custom House Tower still bears the same name.

Today, the Clock Tower is the 19th tallest skyscraper in Boston and stands in the centre of Boston’s financial district. The Greek Doric style inspired the architectural style of the building. When they built the Custom House Tower, there was a restriction in Boston against the erection of buildings over 38 metres. However, this tower measures 151 metres. Since the Custom House belonged to the US State Government… let’s just say they found a way to make an exception.

When the Custom House changed hands in Boston, the tower was sold to the municipal government. After that, for 14 years, the landmark stood deserted and closed to the public. However, in 1995, Marriott Ownership Resorts International bought the skyscraper and began work to convert the small freight chambers into apartment buildings. As a result, Mariott created 87 apartment buildings spread over 22 floors.

In addition, they opened an observation platform at the very top of the Clock Tower, open for several hours daily to the public. Unfortunately, due to our limited time in Boston, we did not climb to the top of this building this time.

About the Photo of the Custom House Clock Tower

Instead, Nico climbed to the top floor of a nearby parking lot. Having seen the Clock Tower while walking in the city, he was desperate to find a good shooting position. The goal was to take a photo in which it would become the central piece. When looking at Google Maps, he found an 8-story parking lot. Take up the elevator and be rewarded with this view!

Taking the photo was not easy because it was very windy. And the particular architecture of the parking lot didn’t make it possible to use a tripod either. It takes a bit of trial and error and using one of the walls to steady the shot. That’s how Nico finally got this shot with Bostons Skyline framing the iconic Custom House Clock Tower.

Daria Trinkhaus

Daria Trinkhaus

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