View of the Fanar - Al-Fanar Islamic Cultural Centre; Karat

The Fanar Mosque in Doha | Qatar

the Fanar Mosque in Doha | Qatar Doha, Qatar That “spiral” tower in the photo is the “Fanar” mosque, which is part of the Al-Fanar Islamic Cultural Centre in Doha. It is probably one of the most distinctive buildings in the Qatari capital, but...
Al Thakhira Mosque near Al Khor; Qatar

Al Thakhira Mosque | Qatar

Al Thakhira Mosque | Qatar Al Khor, Qatar The mosque located in the town of Al Thakhira is one of the oldest historical monuments in Qatar. The town itself is located just outside of Al Khor and if you are in the area, it is worth making a stop here. The traditional...
Al Khor city in the north of Qatar

Al Khor city | Qatar

Al Khor city | Qatar Al Khor, Qatar The city of Al Khor is located in the north of Qatar – only 57 kilometers from Doha. The town attracts locals, but also tourists eager for sandy beaches and exploring the nearby mangroves.   Al Khor is not just a tourist...
Pena Palace in Sintra in Romantism style; Portugal

Pena Palace in Sintra mountains | Portugal

We found the fairy-tale glow of the castle, which contrasted the evergreen hills of Serra da Sintra, quite unique. Each part of it had different paint and almost gave an impression of a separate building, taken out of different worlds, but with its own imaginative ornaments.

Munich Skyline and The Olympiaturm (Olympic Tower in Olympic Park), Germany.

Skyline and The Olympic Tower | Munich, Germany

The Olympic Tower is 291 meters high and was opened in 1968. The Tower was built as a part of the Olympic Park for the Summer Olympics in 1972. Since it has been opened to the public, it has already garnered over 42 million visitors. It’s no wonder that the view from above Munich would be spectacular there as well.