Girl sitting and staring at the sunset at Lake Tegel in the northern part of Berlin

Home Sweet Home | Berlin, Germany

It’s no secret that we love to travel and are often exploring the world. Yet, there is this one place where we are happy to come back to again and again. Especially after a long journey, things are often quite similar: First one evening on the couch, relaxing and arriving back home. But the very next day we often go out and have a look on “our” Lake Tegel. A wonderful constant which will be here forever, whenever we come back to Berlin.

Fresh Snow in Berlin, Germany

Fresh Snow | Berlin, Germany

How often did I walk by those two houses and how often did I think “Hey man, somehow you must compose a good shot with them”. And yet, the results so far never matched my expectations. But then it happened one evening last winter: Snow!

Bridge Sechserbrücke, Tegel in Germany

Sechserbrücke, Tegel, Berlin | Germany

Sechserbrücke, Tegel, Berlin | Germany Berlin, Germany Probably the most famous construction in my part of Berlin, the “Port Bridge of Tegel” how it’s called officially. However, nobody is calling the bridge like that. It’s simply Sechserbrücke, a name that reaches...