Panorama of Geneva | Switzerland

Geneva is the second-largest city in Switzerland, after Zurich. It is located in the area where the Rhine River flows into Lake Geneva. Geneva’s main language is French, but if you’re just passing through, you can easily get by with English as well.

Lake Geneva 

This panorama of Geneva was captured in a photo on a very hot summer day. Aside from the city centre in the foreground, what immediately catches your eye is the giant fountain “shooting” out of Lake Geneva. Jet d’Eau is one of Geneva’s main tourist attractions. It is said to be visible even from a plane from a height of up to 10 km. 500 litres of water are injected during one second at a height of 140 meters.

No wonder the Jet d’Eau dominates the Geneva panorama from this shot. For us, this fountain was salvation when temperatures in Geneva exceeded 35 degrees Celsius. Nothing better than a cloud of water to cool off!

Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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