Valencia Marina | Valencia, Spain

Valencia Marina or as officially known, Juan Carlos 1 Marina, became famous because of America’s Cup to Valencia in 2007. This was also the time when it was renovated. The fame, after its restoration, not only drew in tourist but also historical vessels with a view that would please any boat-lover.

This photo was taken years ago when, during our trip to Spain, we visited Valencia. We had x2 goals. First, to see Juan Carlos 1 Marina, which we had heard about because of America’s Cup. And second, to see the lovely beach on the other side of Marina. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to discover the night life there, but the 20-minute trip from the city centre of Valencia to Marina was worth it.

After a few hours of enjoying the sun and the sea, we walked along both docks discovering the different kinds of boats. This was likely when Nico began dreaming about travelling along the sea or ocean coastline with such beauty. He probably also processed this photo now, as the dreams started to become more real. It is much easier to get a boat licence in Lisbon, where we’re moving soon. And who knows, maybe next time we will go to Valencia Marina as our port of reference…

Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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