Roques de García | Tenerife, Spain

Roques de García on Tenerife after Sunset near the Teide volcano
Roques de García on Tenerife after Sunset near the Teide volcano. I call it "Flex of Nature"

Roques de García is a marvellous first stop when visiting the Teide plateau on Tenerife. The right part of this rock formation is called Roque Cinchado or, more colloquially: Finger of God.

It’s a place that has plenty of parking and a nearby hotel. This also means: It’s busier than other parts of the Teide Plateau. But frankly, the views and the rock formations are worth it!

We were already done with our hike this day. I took some photos of the Teide, and we were ready to go home. It’s always nice to drive down with a little bit of last light since up there are no street lights at all and often steep slopes on the side of the road.

Since the drive takes an hour, we took one more bathroom break before driving back down. And just as I exited the hotel, I saw this scenery. The colours in the sky and the Roques de García rock formation. WOW!

So obviously, I had to go back to the car, get my backpack again and set up my tripod. Quickly, before the light and colours disappear. I got it, just in time.

Thankfully, most people indeed had already gone back home. Only because of that, I was able to use this path as a leading line into the frame. Any other time of the day, that probably would have been impossible.

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