Son Bou | Menorca, Spain

The Balearic Islands are known for small, charming towns and fishing villages – such as Son Bou on Menorca. Most people know this place in daylight. However, they are not aware that at night from the surroundings of the village one can see the Milky Way.

View of Son Bou at night – the Milky Way

May is our favorite month to travel to Menorca. The constellation of stars and the Milky Way guarantees that Nico will come home with some shots of the night sky. The Mediterranean Sea surrounding Menorca makes the area of human settlements dark enough to see stars, which are difficult to see from many other places on the continental Europe.

This picture of Son Bou was taken in May, while the Milky Way is most visible in Menorca. The lights of the city contrast with the depths of the night sky, but still allow you to see millions of stars.

Picture of Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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