West Bay Panorama of Doha at night; Qatar

Panorama of Doha – West Bay | Qatar

Panorama of Doha - West Bay | Qatar Doha, Qatar Qatar and Doha are unique examples of such rapidly developing countries. Can you imagine, for example, that only 30 years ago these skyscrapers did not exist? This part of Doha (the west coast) was pure desert. Here,...
Panorama of Carvoeiro in the Algarve; Portugal

Carvoeiro in Algarve | Portugal

Carvoeiro in Algarve | Portugal Algarve, Portugal This panoramic photo of Carvoeiro was taken during our winter trip to the Algarve. This town is a popular destination for summer vacations in Portugal. However, and this is happening more and more, it is also a place...
Aerial view of Paris; France

View of Paris | France

View of Paris | France France, Paris Looking at this photo of Paris do you recognize any neighborhoods?   No, we did not get to visit the French capital. This photo was taken from a plane when we flew from Berlin to Lisbon in 2021.   But who knows? Maybe in...
View of Lisbon with the sunset – Uptown to Avenidas Novas; Portugal.

Sunset View | Lisbon, Portugal

There are 16 official viewpoints in Lisbon. Whilst we walked through old parts of Portugal’s capital, we noticed particular signs “Miradouro” and the assigned titles or names of these points. Aside from these official viewpoints in Lisbon, there are dozens of cafes, bars, restaurants and even streets from which the view of the city, is simply spectacular.

Munich Skyline and The Olympiaturm (Olympic Tower in Olympic Park), Germany.

Skyline and The Olympic Tower | Munich, Germany

The Olympic Tower is 291 meters high and was opened in 1968. The Tower was built as a part of the Olympic Park for the Summer Olympics in 1972. Since it has been opened to the public, it has already garnered over 42 million visitors. It’s no wonder that the view from above Munich would be spectacular there as well.