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Somewhere I’ve read that the San Marino walls mimics the Chinese wall. Initially, I thought that it was a slightly exaggerated statement, but when I searched for compositions for my photos this thought seemed true.

“Don’t even try to invade us”

The complex of the city walls, three towers and the city centre of San Marino itself was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The gossip however, is that it’s the least visited country in the world. I was surprised to hear that, considering the unique character of this republic country, I can only assume there are many more people who would love to see it.

San Marino has existed since A.D. 301 and has since then kept its independence, despite barbarian invasions and the Napoleonic wars. Smart politicians, proud to be liberal of the Sannmarinians and located on the Titano Mountain, protected this republic country from being joined to other countries. I think a big advantage of this country is its fortifications – the famous three towers and the three rings of city walls are successfully sending a message as it were, “Don’t even try to invade us”.

Picture of Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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