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San Marino is one of the oldest Republic countries in the world. It never occurred that this small country would cheer the value of liberty over all. It was much like a fairy tale for us, walking on the streets of San Marino. As the centre is on rocky hill, from which you can see all the valleys around, it was like living over the clouds.

My favourite time in San Marino was during the sunrise. It was a perfect time to capture the famous San Marino – Three Towers, each located on top of three separate hills. The three towers can also be seen on the San Marino flag, the coat of arms and the towers have been produced into popular confectionary goods named “Three Towers”. In the morning when the valleys were engulfed in fog, the slope with the second tower contrasted its surroundings.

When passing the stone bridge, you may experience a little vertigo as from the left, there is just emptiness underneath. It’s no wonder that no one ever tried to conquer this country…

Picture of Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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