Fishing in the Gdansk Old Town. The most beautiful port in Poland

Fishing in Gdańsk | Poland

Gdańsk is such a magnificent town and with all the water around one can surely get the idea to go fishing in Gdańsk. I was very lucky with the weather. The clouds caused a great sunset but no ten minutes later it started pouring. But in other ways as well, it is impossible to capture this scene a second time.

Oder River in Germany in Autumn Mood. It is the border between Germany and Poland

The new Autumn | Oder River, Germany

I was so focused on the reflections in the water that I actually didn’t realize it until the post-production. The picture was taken beginning of April! In the northern hemisphere that is obviously spring and not autumn. But hey, I’m not unhappy about the added colors by the leaves. They create a pleasant, autumnal mood on the Oder riverbanks.

Entrance to Sirmione, Italy

Entrance to Sirmione | Italy

Entrance to Sirmione | Italy Italy, Sirmione On our trip to Italy, we came through Sirmione. Of course, you have to visit Lago di Garda when you’re making a trip to northern Italy. As we were so in love with that lake we finally spent most of our trip around Lago di...
Old Town of Gdansk by Night, Poland

Old Town of Gdansk by Night | Poland

Old Town of Gdansk by Night | Poland Gdansk, Poland You already know this view, but last time I showed a photo from the sunset. Well, there was a second day that I came to Gdansk, and this time it was a bit later. As I wasn’t alone, I couldn’t spend enough time on...
Friedensteich Potsdam, Germany

Friedensteich Potsdam | Germany

Friedensteich Potsdam | Germany Germany, Potsdam It’s so easy to forget that you live in the 21st century when you walk the streets of Dubrovnik. One day we made with Daria a tour around the walls of Dubrovnik where we could see the whole old town from a different...
Sunset in Frankfurt (Oder) 1 , Germany

Sunset in Frankfurt (Oder) 1 | Germany

Sunset in Frankfurt (Oder) 1 | Germany Frankfurt, Germany It took a while, but here we go, the first real photo from Frankfurt (Oder) on the blog. It’s the town where I studied for my Bachelor Degree. Actually I’m still studying there, but finishing soon so I only...
Kranhäuser Cologne, Germany

Kranhäuser Cologne | Germany

Kranhäuser Cologne | Germany Cologne, Germany Kranhaus – that means something like harbour crane houses, and I think the source of the name is obvious. When I came to Cologne, those newly opened houses where on top of my list of places to visit. I completely adore...
Sunset in Venice Italy

Sunset in Venice | Italy

Sunset in Venice | Italy Italy, Venice In Venice (Venezia) we’ve spent two days and one night on our trip through Italy as we didn’t find any couch which we could have surfed there and the hotels are, let me put it like that, somehow pricy. As we had to look at our...
Bridge Sechserbrücke, Tegel in Germany

Sechserbrücke, Tegel, Berlin | Germany

Sechserbrücke, Tegel, Berlin | Germany Berlin, Germany Probably the most famous construction in my part of Berlin, the “Port Bridge of Tegel” how it’s called officially. However, nobody is calling the bridge like that. It’s simply Sechserbrücke, a name that reaches...