Palazzo Pubblico in the center of the city-state of San Marino

Palazzo Pubblico | San Marino

Palazzo Pubblico | San Marino San Marino Palazzo Pubblico, is otherwise known as the “public palace”. This 19th-century building is the seat of government of San Marino, a country surrounded by Italy. Its representation can be found on the two-euro coin....
Cantina restaurant in Lisbon’s LX Factory; Portugal

LX Factory Cantina | Lisbon, Portugal

LX Factory is like a separated small city in Lisbon. It is an old industrial part of the capital which was transformed during the late 90’s to a modern art site. In our day, it has become a paradise for street photographers and store owners who do not like the traditional concepts of commerce and restaurants with a typical style.

Yellow Restaurant in Bergamo in Italy

Yellow Restaurant in Bergamo | Italy

Yellow Restaurant in Bergamo | Italy Bergamo, Italy I remember as if it was yesterday when I posted on Facebook “Bergamo or Brescia for a day?” The vote slightly favoured Bergamo and so it became our go through town on the way from Milano to Lago di Garda. At the...