Qatar – World Cup 2022

Qatar - World Cup 2022; FIFA 2022
Qatar - World Cup 2022 countdown monument

The countdown has already started! The FIFA World Cup will take place in Qatar this year. It will be the first FIFA championship in an Arab country. Also for the first time, the final will take place in late autumn and not in summer as was the case so far.


The World Cup in Qatar would not have been possible in the summer for a very simple reason. Temperatures at that time, for example in Doha, rise above 40 degrees Celsius. That is why the final has been scheduled for November 18 to December 21. There are many things that happen “for the first time” in FIFA competitions this year. However, this will be also the last time that 32 teams will take part in the final. As many as 48 teams will take part in the next World Cup.


The whole world is waiting for the World Cup, and Qatar is counting down the time (literally). Pictured under this transparent dome is a giant clock counting down the time until the FIFA World Cup begins. Some of the Qatari flags in this photo are probably no longer hanging there – they’ve been replaced by the flags of the countries that qualified for the championship.


When we visited this FIFA clock on the Corniche coast, only a few countries (including Germany, of course) had their flags displayed there. Today we already know that both Poland and Portugal have qualified for the finals. So, we have nothing left to do but keep our fingers crossed that the final matches will not bring offended friends from either country or marital tensions 😉

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Nico Trinkhaus

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