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Msheireb Centrum Doha daily photo; Qatar
New Downtown - Msheireb Centrum Doha

If you’ve seen any pictures of Doha City Centre in Qatar, you’re probably already familiar with the Msheireb Centre at night, when it’s lit up in fabulous colours. During the day, however, this ‘city within a city is just as impressive.

Msheireb Downtown Doha is located just outside the historic part of the Qatari capital, where the Souq Waqif, for example, is located. And although Msheireb’s buildings feature traditional Qatari ornaments, this modern part of Doha stands in stark contrast to the older part of the city.

Downtown Msheireb was built as a sustainable downtown revitalization project. This part of Doha comprises 100 buildings that house museums, restaurants, hotels, residences, and local shops. The newly built center also hopes to attract international talent to work from offices located throughout the complex.

When we visited Doha, Msheireb was the second place after Souq Waqif that we visited. The entire downtown area seemed like it was literally built yesterday. There were even still plenty of vacant units for rent in the malls. We are curious to see how this part of the city will look in a year or two when it becomes even more popular.

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