Cabo da Roca | Sintra, Portugal

Cabo da Roca is the most western part of Europe. It’s a wonder that we travel Europe constantly through the years. We have the idea that it will take a long time for us to see all the countries, cultures, landscapes and our exploration will never end. And there it is, the end of the continent… as far as we could get west.

Cabo da Roca is one of the main touristic attractions in Europe, because of its geographical and symbolic meaning. It is in Sintra municipality and is just 42 kilometres away from Lisbon. The easiest way is to reach the cape with the car, but it is possible to reach Sintra first if you take the train and later change to get the bus, which will then drop you to Cabo da Roca station.

The cape finishes with over a hundred-meter-tall cliffs. Even when the weather conditions are perfect, the waves are crushing with fierce on the sharp edges of the land. Wet granite and limestone rocks at sunset, are reflecting the warm light of the sun. The tower which you see in the background is the Cabo da Roca Lighthouse. On the photograph, it appears like a small dot, but in reality, it is a 22-meter-tall building, with light commands of a 165-meter beam at sea level.

If it is just to visit the most far west part of Europe, it is worth stopping by Cabo da Roca. So, if you have time and it is possible, visit this place by the sunset and just enjoy the warm light and the beauty of the fierce waves crashing on the coast. Just be cautious and do not come too close to the edge! There have been fatal cases known where people have fallen off the rocks…

Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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