Vila Nova de Gaia | Porto, Portugal

Did you know that Port wine does not originate from Porto? It actually comes from Vila Nova de Gaia in Portugal, a town across Porto on the Douro river. A more interesting fact though, is that the Port wine is only stored, not produced.

Depots of Port wine in Vila Nova de Gaia are located on the Douro river, a convenient location for ships to load popular beverages and ship across the globe. It’s interesting though, that the grapes and the various valleys where Port wine is produced, are located more than 100 kilometres away from Porto.

Vila Nova de Gaia is easy to reach by passing Ponte Luís (designed by Eiffel – the same as the Eiffel Tower). The view of the old town of Porto – ‘Ribeira’, is spectacular from the side of the Douro river especially during the sunset. The historic boats which were used in prior times to transport wine barrels, were anchored along the shore opposite the warehouses of famous Port wine producers, e.g. Sandeman, Taylor, etc. and now they have become tourist attractions.

Port wine tasting is a must when you’re visiting Porto. When the sun is setting, it is the best time to visit one of the restaurants or bars, where you can try a variety of sweet and thick beverages that taste like liquor wine.

Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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