Porto sign | Porto, Portugal

Porto sign was located in Porto centre of town. Porto is known as a rainy area. In fact, because of the influence of the Atlantic Ocean, the weather can be rather cold in comparison to other cities in Portugal. This is why when we visited Porto in January, we were very surprised to have enjoyed the sunshine with pleasant temperatures.

Blue Porto sign

But as you know, photographers can complain even during better weather conditions. For example,  because there are no clouds in the sky that would fit a composition… Fortunately, with cityscape photography, the situation is not so bad with the clear sky. You can always find something (architecture, sculpture, fountain) for a unique photograph. In this case, a huge blue Porto sign installed in the city centre of Porto.

To Nico’s content, this Porto sign was placed just in front of the Portuguese Centre of Photography. Gave the image a very special meaning. This winter morning before the sunrise was a perfect time to capture the installation in Porto city centre, which during the day would usually be very packed.

Do some of you know if the sign is still there or do you know if it was just a temporary installation?

Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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