The Felgueiras Lighthouse at sunset | Porto, Portugal

The Portuguese are known for their fondness of discoveries. 

Portugal was one of the countries where the major sailors and explorers were born. These sailors had to find their way home after long excursions, and this is how lighthouses came to be such important landmarks in coastal cities.

Porto Felgueiras Lighthouse is located on the Douro mouth, just before the river enters the Atlantic Ocean. Due to the closeness of the ocean, it often caused the waves to become enormous. On one occasion, we took a walk to this part of Porto and we entered the pier leading to Felgueiras Lighthouse. It was a sunny day and the ocean appeared relatively calm but then all of a sudden, large waves crashed against the shore, leaving us completely soaked. I can only imagine how dangerous the weather would be on occasions. A friend later informed us that the waves could actually push a person even into the ocean. Since then, we have become more cautious about entering this particular part, due to the unpredictable weather conditions.

A year later, after getting soaked by the ocean water, we visited Porto Felgueiras Lighthouse again. The waves were not as high, and we were very lucky to see this ravishing sunset over the pier. It took Nico a while to capture the path without visitors but sitting on the beach waiting for a perfect shot and getting the last warmth of the sun, wasn’t such a tragedy either.

Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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