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There are 16 official viewpoints in Lisbon. Whilst we walked through old parts of Portugal’s capital, we noticed particular signs “Miradouro” and the assigned titles or names of these points. Aside from these official viewpoints in Lisbon, there are dozens of cafes, bars, restaurants and even streets from which the view of the city, is simply spectacular.

This photo was taken from Miradouro de Nossa Senhora do Monte near the district of Graça. It is said to be one of the less touristic viewpoints in Lisbon but is nonetheless one of the most charming and so we visited it during our stay in Lisbon. Our flat was located in the district of Alfama, so it was just a 15-minute walk from our flat to this place. The difficult part was that this Miradouro, was located in one of the highest parts of Lisbon and so climbing it, whilst carrying our camera equipment was not an easy challenge.

I can tell you that after climbing so much, our loss of breath was totally worth it once we reached the top of the hill. The view of the old town going up towards Avenidas Novas – was astonishing. There were many people already sitting on the benches and on the grass enjoying the sunset. A local street musician was singing “what a wonderful world” and at that precise moment, we simply fell in love with the city.

It was likely at this moment, that we both realised that to have this view of the city from our home would no doubt have an incredible impact on our wellbeing. It’s funny how we take Pareto for granted in business – there is more to it than just business, so why not try to apply it in everyday life? What 20% of your moments are responsible for 80% of your happiness? Do more of that. For our perspective, such views as this will forever give us 80% of happiness.

Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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