LX Factory and a Portuguese sardine shop | Lisbon, Portugal

Look closely at the photograph. What do you see on the shelves? Books? Wrong! These are fish conserves.

This small shop in LX Factory in Lisbon sells traditional Portuguese sardines in cans. Each can has a different year to allow buyers to purchase fish from the year they were born. Just kidding?! The fish are fresh and are souvenirs that can be bought from Lisbon to keep and to give as a gift to someone.

We found this sardine shop while visiting LX Factory in Lisbon – a city in itself. In 1896, in this part of Lisbon (Alcântara), there was a fabric factory and many other stores that also moved to this industrial site. Unfortunately, these companies did not survive the decay of the golden industrial age and soon the complex of the building was deserted.

The new age and revival of the factory came in the late 90’s, following a Lisbon Expo. Many concept stores and restaurants had found their new home. In modern times, the LX factory looks like a small city and remains one of the many tourist attractions. Make sure to find some time to visit it during your stay in Lisbon and don’t forget to try Portuguese sardines!

Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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