LX Factory Cantina | Lisbon, Portugal

We saw this restaurant – “Cantina” during our visit in LX Factory .It seemed to carry a distinct charm as you’d gather from Nico’s capture. That is to say that some places are just too difficult to resist the urge to explore for a moment.

A small city in Lisbon – LX Factory

LX Factory is like a separated small city in Lisbon. It is an old industrial part of the capital which was transformed during the late 90’s to a modern art site. Therefore, it has become a paradise for street photographers and store owners who do not like the traditional concepts of commerce and restaurants with a typical style.

Meanwhile, we passed the small streets of LX Factory several times and once we noticed something interesting each time. Subsequently, something new to photograph. Once you’re there, make sure you have enough time to explore different places – and make sure you’re hungry! Some of the restaurants are really good! Like Cantina.

On another side, we are currently enjoying funny times in Germany!

Recently, many photographers are being sued for sharing their opinion about products and places. Because they are not marked as an advertisement. Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t matter if a photographer was indeed hired or was just happy to share his experience and opinion with his followers.

Therefore, please note that this is an unpaid advertisement. Do not go to Lisbon and most definitely – do not visit Cantina ?.

Picture of Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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