Cristo Rei in Almada | Lisbon, Portugal

Sometimes, photography can be as easy as opening a kitchen window and just capturing the moment…

This photo was literally taken from our kitchen window. We were staying in one of the Airbnb’s in Bairo Alto, which gave us a clear view of the Tagus River, 25 Abril Bridge and the Statue of Christ the King located on the opposite shores and Almada.

The usual view of Lisbon was the same every day – a lot of sun and dreamy light during the afternoons, which is nothing to complain about especially in January. On the day of Nico’s birthday however, the entire day was cloudy and moody. At some point when we finished our work, we looked through our window and we were thrilled with the view. Lisbon was covered in clouded shadows and there was only a strike of light that was just where the statue of Christ was standing.

Nico didn’t wait long and grabbed his zoom lens, opened the window and captured the photo. He later named the photograph – “Lisbon divine light”, which I think perfectly describes it.

Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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