Alfama | Lisbon, Portugal

Alfama during sunrise at Portas do Sol in Lisbon
The breathtaking view of Alfama from Portas do Sol at sunrise

In 2018, during our inaugural journey to Lisbon, my curiosity led me to the heart of the city—Alfama, a medieval marvel steeped in the rich tapestry of Portuguese history and culture. Tucked between the mighty São Jorge Castle and the tranquil Tagus river, Alfama stands as a testament to centuries of resilience and heritage.

Alfama: Full of captivating views and charming alleys

Wandering through the winding streets of Alfama, one is instantly captivated by its undeniable charm. With each step, the allure of its narrow alleys brimming with life and history, draws you deeper into its embrace.

The ‘Miradouros,’ or viewpoints, in Alfama offer a breathtaking perspective of Lisbon’s picturesque panorama among its many treasures. It was at one such spot, Portas do Sol, that I found myself spellbound.

Capturing this photo from Portas do Sol took five years. During this time, previous attempts were impossible due to construction sites. Despite these setbacks, I held onto hope, patiently waiting for the perfect moment to finally capture the scene I had envisioned for so long.

A Serendipitous Sunrise

One day in the summer of 2023, fate seemed to guide me through Lisbon. Amidst the bustling streets, a sense of certainty washed over me—it was time; all construction sites are gone. 

As twilight descended, I awoke without an alarm. Consequently, I felt compelled to step outside. To my delight, the night greeted me with what I call potential: Fluffy clouds softly illuminated by the moon’s gentle glow.

Arriving at Portas do Sol, memories flooded back from past adventures. Similarly, the clouds, reminiscent of those immortalized in my early morning Krakow photographs, stirred feelings of nostalgia and excitement. With the camera set, I eagerly awaited the unfolding spectacle before me, anticipating the beauty that lay ahead.

As dawn broke, overwhelming gratitude filled me as golden and pink hues enveloped the scene. In that brief moment, amidst Alfama’s beauty, I felt privileged to witness nature’s spectacle in this place that I fell in love with – and capture it forever.

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Nico Trinkhaus

Nico Trinkhaus

Nico Trinkhaus is the mind-blind photographer, using cameras to create visions and memories that otherwise would be lost to him.

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