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Aveiro is often overlooked by tourists visiting Portugal. They usually head straight to Lisbon, Porto or visit towns in the Algarve region. However, there are several reasons why you should take a day or two to visit Aveiro in northern Portugal.

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1 – Boats and water canals. Aveiro has been called the “Venice of Portugal.” Admittedly, the “Moliceiros” boats look a bit different than gondolas and the network of canals is not as all-encompassing as in Venice, but Aveiro nevertheless impresses. In my opinion, there is a bit of unfairness in literally comparing Aveiro to Italy. The boats and canals in this town bear a local stamp were created due to the needs of its inhabitants and reflect the unique history of the region. Therefore, if you visit Aveiro, approach the experience with an open mind, absorbing the knowledge about the originality of this place.

2 – Art Nouveau Architecture. The facades of the buildings along Aveiro’s canals are a feast for the eyes of lovers of this architectural style. Nico and I have a little weakness for romantic trends in architecture – maybe it’s because of the flowing lines, ornaments including metals and, above all, colours. I wish Nico had managed to capture these sights in his photos during our short trip. But for sure this is not the last time we visit Aveiro.

3 – Ovos Moles – traditional sweets from Aveiro. As befits Portuguese tradition, these cookies are filled with sweetened egg yolk. Delicious!

4 – Beach. Although Aveiro is located along a lagoon, the distance to a sandy beach is quite reasonable. That’s why Aveiro in Portugal is known also as a seaside getaway. Ah, and don’t forget to visit the striped houses in Costa Nova!

5 – The salt “plantation”. Most international guidebooks skip this point, and wrongly so. Wouldn’t you like to know how the sea salt that ends up on your table is made? That’s right.

I could list many more reasons to visit Aveiro. But I would be happy if these 5 tempted you to visit this unique Portuguese town. To sum up: I love Aveiro and we will come back there.

Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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