Panorama of Ferragudo in Algarve | Portugal

Ferragudo is located on the Arade River, which flows into the Atlantic Ocean near the city of Portimão. Historically, the place relied mainly on fishing. And although today tourism plays a big role for this town in the Algarve, you can still be woken up at six in the morning by the calls of fishermen and hordes of happy seagulls.

Ferragudo facts

Ferragudo was known in ancient times to the Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans. The mouth of the Arade River was a convenient refuge for the local tribes. In the fourteenth century AD fishermen began to settle in Ferragudo. Not only fishing influenced the economy of the village and later the town. Favourable climatic conditions enabled cattle breeding. In the 20th century, due to the crisis of the fishing industry, the town started to invest also in tourism development.


Today Ferragudo is inhabited by fishermen, natives and foreigners looking for a quiet and sunny place to live. During the summer season, Ferragudo fills up with Portuguese and foreign tourists. To avoid the crowded times of Covid, Nico and I decided to visit this place when no one visits it – during Christmas and New Year. And this photo was taken from our terrace. How do you like it?

Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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