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When you know a bit about the Algarve and think of Albufeira, the connotation “tourism” automatically comes to mind. Yes, Albufeira is an extremely lively tourist destination. But in the winter, you can enjoy the beach almost empty at sunset. And the white buildings of the town shine in this warm light and suggest a visit to one of the local restaurants.

Albufeira during winter

Albufeira is said to have been inhabited in prehistoric times. The first primitive buildings date back to Roman times. However, it was the Moors who had the greatest influence on the development of the town. They built a system of defensive walls that allowed them to keep Albufeira in their hands much longer than other areas in Portugal. The Moors also greatly influenced the development of agriculture in the area. They used such inventions of those times as the plough and artificial fertilizers. They built irrigation systems to irrigate fields and transformed wastelands into gardens and orchards.


Today Albufeira is not known for agriculture, but mainly for tourism. According to some data, the number of inhabitants increases from about 14,000 to 300,000 during the summer season. So why not visit it in winter?

Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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