Wrocław from Sky Tower | Poland

Wroclaw is the fourth largest city in Poland. In February 2021, Wroclaw was classified by one of the magazines belonging to the Financial Times to the first place in the report “Global Cities of the Future 2021/2022” in the category of medium and small cities of the world.

Wrocław from Sky Tower

You can write a lot of good things about Wrocław. It is a student place, but also a city good “to live in” and after studies. ? Culturally there is always a lot of good things happening here – in 2016 Wroclaw was the European Capital of Culture, and from 2019 it is a UNESCO City of Literature. Nico and I consider Wroclaw our “favourite” place in Poland. This is where we have many friends and where we spent a lot of time when I was finishing my studies.

This photo was taken just after sunrise from our room in Sky Tower. When Nico found it years later on his disk, I didn’t recognize which city it was. From a bird’s eye view, when Wroclaw is shrouded in fog, it is a completely different view than the one I’m used to while crossing the streets of this city every day.

Picture of Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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