Warsaw Skyline at Sunset | Warsaw, Poland

Some photos are spontaneous captures of the moment. Others, however, can require quite a bit of planning.⁠ This photo of the Warsaw skyline with the Palace of Culture and Science falls into the latter.

Perfectly located

As you might know, I love skyscraper skylines and hence I immediately liked Warsaw. When I first visited it in 2014 I saw that the Novotel hotel is perfectly located.

Travelling occasionally to Warsaw to visit our PhotoClaim head office. In 2018,  we finally booked our stay at the hotel. The view was great, but the light was not right back then.⁠⠀
I did my planning in  Photopills App and figured out that I need to be there in the middle of summer. That’s the only time when the sun will align with the iconic Palace of Culture and Science. For the rest of the year, the sun would set too far to the left.
So I was delighted when we received a wedding invitation. The wedding was supposed to take place on the last weekend of June. This was the best timing to capture such an image of the Warsaw Skyline. I immediately knew where we would book our accommodation.⁠⠀
And so here we are. After being in my head for 6 years, on my concrete plan-list for 2 years and getting lucky with the weather: My shot of the Warsaw Skyline with the sun setting directly behind the Palace of Culture and Science.⁠⠀

Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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