Church of Peace – Pulpit | Świdnica, Poland

Built in one year completely from wood, the Church of Peace in Świdnica in Poland is a result of the fight between Catholicism and evangelists in the 17th century. What’s so special about this church and how did Daria almost became model for National Geographic?

The Church of Peace in Świdnica was built in the 17th century and what’s special about it is that it is an evangelical church. Why is it that special? In that time it wasn’t easy to be an evangelic believer in that region. The Catholic Church was too powerful, so they only allowed evangelical churches to be built outside of the city walls and only to be built from wood, sand, clay, and straw. This is also the reason why today are only two Churches of Peace left as it is quite hard to protect them from fire.

Even more stunning in my opinion is the fact, that the building process was completed within only one year. That was also one of the strict conditions and the Catholic Church thought this way they could prevent such church to be built.

One interesting fact about the Church of Peace in Świdnica is that it has an incredible acoustic quality. Due to its wooden structure, the church has a unique sound that is perfect for concerts and musical performances. In fact, the church regularly hosts concerts and events, showcasing its impressive sound quality. Additionally, the church’s acoustics have been studied by scientists and engineers, making it a fascinating subject for acoustics research.

The Church of Peace in Świdnica is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Its interior is unbelievable beautiful, everything is made from wood and yet it is so colorful and vast. When you’re inside you don’t know where to look first, it has capacity for 5.500 people. But unfortunately this trip was before I had my tripod, so you can imagine how I was almost lying on the floor to keep the camera as steady as possible to get good shots. This is one of the shots that I really love from that place.

As I hoped for Daria´s opinion about the composition, she disappeared. It came out that she was caught by two guys from National Geographic. She was wearing a red dress which was suiting well to the interior. She had a moment of fame and I just wish I could have borrowed their tripod…

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Technical Details

Camera: Canon EOS 500D
Lens: Canon EF-S 18-55mm @ 18mm
ISO: 100
Exposures: 3 (-2, 0, +2)
Aperture: 3.5
Exposure time (middle): 1.3s
Tripod: none
Date: Taken in August 2011
Location: Inside the Church of Peace in Świdnica
Software: Lightroom 5.4, Photoshop CC, Photomatix Pro, NIK Define 2, NIK Color Efex Pro 4, NIK Sharpener Pro 3

The Church of Peace in Świdnica is part of the UNESCO World Heritage

The Church of Peace in Świdnica together with the one in Jawor are part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 2001.

» UNESCO Description of the World Heritage: Churches of Peace in Jawor and Świdnica 

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Nico Trinkhaus

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