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The Church of Peace in Swidnica (Świdnica, Poland) is one of the two remaining Churches of Peace which belong to the UNESCO World Heritage. From outside it doesn’t even look that impressive on first sight. But that changes when you have a look inside and get to know about the history of the church.

The Church of Peace in Swidnica was built in the 17th century. What’s special is that it is an evangelical church. Why is that special? In that time it wasn’t easy to be an evangelic believer in that region. The Catholic Church was too powerful in that time, so they only allowed evangelical churches to be built outside of the city walls and only to be built from wood, sand, clay and straw. This is also the reason why today are only two Churches of Peace left as it is quite hard to protect them from fire.

What’s even more stunning in my opinion is the fact, that the building process was completed within one year. That was also one of the strict conditions.

Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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