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Polish cities have a certain charm and … compactness. Poznan, Wroclaw, Krakow – each of these cities own a historic market square. What’s interesting, usually life goes on around these markets. There are popular stores, restaurants, bars, museums, and university buildings.

Poznan Nightlife

The market square in Poznan has its own rhythm. In the morning hours, only some stores will be open. The market is visited by students and people hurrying to work. After them comes the time for the first groups of tourists. Their culmination occurs at 12 o’clock when the crowds gather in front of the Renaissance Town Hall. The tradition of visiting Poznań is to see goats striking noon on the tower of the town hall. After this, the restaurants fill up slowly serving lunch. In the afternoon the cafes and bars open their doors to students, tourists, Poznan people meeting friends after work.

By evening everyone is a Poznan regular, no matter how much time they have spent in the city. The word “market” comes from the German word “Ring” – literally “ring” ?And like on a ring, everyone rolls around, circling the Town Hall forgetting how many times they have already done it this evening. The cacophony of voices, laughter and music grows and explodes, only to die down around two in the morning when the last bars politely ask the slightly drunken guests out. And when the last doors are closed there is silence. The city falls asleep although the sunrise is coming soon. At this hour you can hear only Nico’s camera shutter.

Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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