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Two goats are a symbol of Poznan and are known throughout Poland. The original statuettes of the goats are part of the clock on the Poznan City Hall tower. Every day when the clock is ticking at twelve o’clock, the goats collide with their horns. Wondering why?

Symbol of Poznan

An extremely charming legend relates to the Poznan goats. The first buildings of the Poznan market, including the Poznan City Hall, were made of wood. So you can imagine that fires were a common accident in this city. After one such fire, the Town Hall tower was rebuilt with full splendour. At the end of the works a feast was organised for Poznan citizens to celebrate this event.

However, one of the cooks helping with the roasting of meat for the feast left his workplace to admire the newly built town hall clock. In his absence, the roast, which he was to guard, burned to coal. When the cook discovered this in horror, he ran to a nearby meadow and caught two white goats to prepare roast from them. However, the frightened goats broke out and ran into the town hall tower, where they started to clash with their horns. Amused by this view, the mayor of the town forgave the cook and ordered two statues of goats to be fitted into the clock of the new town hall clock.

Meanwhile, you’ll probably ask why there is no town hall in this picture then? Well, the crowds of tourists and the distance do not allow to capture the Town Hall goats in the picture. However, if you walk a bit and go out to the square behind Poznan Fara you will find these two charming statues. Their backs shine with gold from rubbing… Another legend says that if you sit down or stroke these sculptures, it will bring you luck for the next year.

Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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