Imperial Castle in Poznan | Poland

The Imperial Castle in Poznan was built for the German Emperor and King of Prussia William II. Since 1710 the castle has served various functions – it housed government offices of Germany, and after World War II it became a place of cultural events of newly rebuilt Poland.

Weekend in Poznan

We had a chance to visit the Imperial Castle with Nico during our weekend visit to Poznan. The Castle itself today houses a cinema, a museum and a puppet museum. Due to the fact that it was a Sunday, most of the attractions were unfortunately closed. However, the gardens of the Imperial Castle were an ideal place to rest during the sightseeing Poznan on a hot summer day. The corridors of the building themselves were also open to the public. Even if we could not see the famous Throne Room, the view from the Castle’s balcony and the dolls hung in front of the Puppets Musem were worth a visit.

Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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