Poznan Cathedral – Golden Chapel | Poznan, Poland

The Golden Chapel is part of the Cathedral of Poznan on Ostrów Tumski. It is the resting place of the first Polish rulers. The first glance at this photo explains the name well.

Although Mieszko I (the prince who took as first Christianity into Poland) and Boleslaw Chrobry (the first king of Poland) were buried at this place probably in the 11th century. However, the Golden Chapel itself was created in the early 19th century on the initiative of Bishop Teofil Wolicki and Count Edward Raczynski. It was the time when Poland disappeared from the maps of Europe. It was the time when Austria, Russia and Prussia divided the country’s territory among themselves. The Golden Chapel was supposed to remind Poles about the “golden times” and the charismatic first kings.

The Golden Chapel is located in the side aisle of Poznań Cathedral. So, if you are visiting Ostrów Tumski in Poznań, don’t forget to take a look at it. It is probably one of the most important historical places in Poland.

Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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