Cervantes monument with Don Quixote and Sancho Penza in the Plaza de España in Madrid during the night.

Cervantes monument in the Plaza de España | Madrid, Spain

This monument was built in the middle of Plaza de España, in the centre of Madrid on one side of the Gran Via. During the day and in the early evening, this area was crowded with tourists. In the late evening though, more locals would be passing by, so the square would be considerably quiet – perfect for shooting photos and viewing the Statue of Cervantes at a closer distance.

Gefion Fountain Copenhagen, Denmark in the setting sun. The fountain shows a woman and three bulls.

Gefion Fountain | Copenhagen, Denmark

The wishing well is officially the biggest monument in Copenhagen and tells a story about the country’s mythology with its sculptures. The Fountain shows a scene, in which the Aesir Damsel Gefion cuts a trench in between the Island of Zealand and Sweden with her plow, which is led by her three sons who had been turned into bulls. She cuts Zealand off the mainland forever and created the biggest Island in Denmark.

Kraków Main Square (Rynek Główny). HDR Photo of Sukiennice and the Adam Mickiewicz Monument

First Light on the Kraków Main Square | Poland

The Main Square of Kraków (Rynek Główny) is the central element of the city and no tourist will ever visit Kraków and don’t walk on this square. On this photo you can see the Kraków Cloth Hall (Sukiennice) with the Adam Mickiewicz Monument in the foreground. The sun just made its way over the roofs and throws the town’s silhouette on the walls of the Cloth Hall.

Chinese House in Postdam, Germany

Chinese House, Potsdam | Germany

Chinese House, Potsdam | Germany The Chinese House, a garden pavilion, is to find in Sanssouci Park in Potsdam. It was built in 18th century. I guess it’s the one Chinese piece which has to be found in every royal garden from that time. And indeed it looks quite...
Arco della Pace, in Milan, Italy

Arco della Pace, Milan | Italy

Arco della Pace, Milan | Italy Italy, Milan The Arco della Pace, or Arch of Peace, is a city gate of Milan. It’s dated back to the 19th century and is supposed to remind the European Peace of 1815. Originally it was supposed to honor Napoleon but during the...
Teatr Lalek in Wroclaw, Poland

Teatr Lalek in Wroclaw | Poland

Teatr Lalek in Wroclaw | Poland Poland, Wroclaw This is the Doll Theatre in Wroclaw (Teatr Lalek we Wrocławiu). The neobarok architecture is suiting perfectly to the colours of the photo (at least for me). The building exists from the end of the 19th century, but it...
French Cathedral in Berlin, Germany

French Cathedral in Berlin | Germany

French Cathedral in Berlin | Germany Berlin, Germany The French Cathedral (Französischer Dom) is one of the three buildings on the Gendarmenmarkt and across from the German Cathedral (Deutscher Dom). It was built by the Huguenot community early in 18th century and is...