Sunset at Rialto Bridge | Venice, Italy

There is always a place like this for everyone in different parts of the world…

I realised that the ‘place’ for Daria and I is Venice, particularly when I stood with my tripod trying to capture the sunset over Rialto Bridge.

It has been 7 years since we’ve been to Venice. Back in 2011, Daria and I took our first trip together. We flew to Bergamo, traveling mainly via Couchsurfing through the north of Italy and coming back to Bologna. This was also my first trip with a suitable camera.

We could only afford to stay for one night in Venice, but I distinctly remember walking around all day in the city. At night, when we couldn’t walk anymore, I still went out to the district around our hotel, trying to take some long exposures from the edge of the channels.

I didn’t have a tripod back then, but I was still amazed by the photos that I was able to capture of Venice. It was my tripod that started my photography career, that continues today.

It’s a crazy feeling, to be back here after 7 years. Thank you all for your support throughout, I’m glad I can share my photos with you!

Lisandra Correia

Lisandra Correia

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